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Right 4 U Property Management and Realty

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Licensed since 2004
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Licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate as a Broker CAL BRE# 01422865

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Streamlined for efficiency; the smallest detail gets maximum focus, and procedural reviews are a constant.

Property Management

What are our qualifications? NOW that is a good question. The answer. All property management companies must be run by a licensed Real Estate Broker. (we have that) You want a Broker who has passed courses specializing in property management. (we have that) You want a Broker with several years of property management and leasing experience. (we have that too ) You want a company who's policy is to treat each client's home or complex as if it was their very own. (and we do)

You see; it's All YOU, YOU. That's why we are, Right 4 U

Varsity: Leaders to far ahead to get stuck in the pack
Overdrive: Intense productivity beyond what's consider the best

Real Estate Purchases and Sales

All agencies follow the same operating procedure of, sign as many agents as you can and whoever sinks, sinks, and whoever swims, swims.
Brokers have very little interest in their drowning agents because they get a piece of every deal that comes in. The rule when it comes to all types of sales is, 20% of the staff make 80% of the money.

At Varsity Overdrive Realty, we do not follow this industry wide guideline, we believe, the focus should be on agent over-site rather than compensation through competition. Some agents drown because they do not possess the tools needed to be an independent agent. That's where our team concept comes into play; we follow the well known sayings "Two heads are better than one" and, "You can always use a second set of eyes."

Our Service Area
In California
The Antelope Valley &
Santa Monica to Long Beach
Long Beach over to Downey
Downey up to San Fernando
San Fernando to Santa Monica
This is our general operating area, but of course, we will go outside of this zone if requested.
Areas for Property Management
Anywhere in
Los Angeles County
Will consider going outside of county upon request

Referral service for all languages and Atlanta, Georgia

Spanish? Agente español disponible

Rebates and Credits - Our discounts beat All

In addition to getting the best service, giving you the most attention, and making it your best experience;
you also get the best discount. See rebates below.
Normal industry home listing fee is 6% but our normal listing fee is $4.5
See below for restrgsictions**
Normal home listings are 6%, our listing fee for U.S. veterans at 4.3% .
See below for definition of war veteran*
Normal home listings are 6%, but if we are buying agent for your replacement home (1031exchange), we list for 4.0%
Home Buyer's Rebate- we credit back $1,000 to buyer. With lender approval, you can use rebate towards closing cost, or your down payment.***
Discount Disclaimer and Restrictions:
War veteran is defined as an American (U.S.A. vet) who has served in military at any time. DD14 is all you need a proof.
** Minimum listing price of home is $250,000.00 in order to qualify for 4.5% listing fee. If listing price is not at least $195,000.00, then listing fee is 5%.
*** To qualify for the $1,000 buyers rebate the home purchase must have a listing price of at least $400,000. If less than $400,00 but at least $250,000, we give a $500 buyers rebate.

Vacant Land listing fees start at 10% and negotiate downward based on the selling price of the lot.

Disclaimer: All discounts/rebates are subject to change without notice. Discounts are on single family home sales and purchases only; discounts do not apply to duplex, multi-unit buildings or mobile home sales or purchases. In real estate sales, all fees are negotiable.