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Hello, my name is Derrick Autry, and I can assist you in your move to Atlanta. You might be thinking, "Can't any agent refer me to another real estate agent in the Atlanta area?" Yes they can, however, what makes me different is, I lived in Douglas county Georgia and moved people from California to Georgia for three years.

My particular area of service was the entire west side of Metro-Atlanta. I worked in Carroll, Paulding, Douglas, Henry, and Clayton counties. Went into Fulton, Fayette, Cowetta and Cobb but those counties you paid more money for less house, so never sold there. Like I said, I worked the entire west side.

You can verify this by searching Georgia Real Estate Commission website for License # 280037. It will come up showing my name. It shows failed to renew, because I moved back to California at the end of 2007,

Even though I'm again living in California, I have agent contacts around Atlanta that have the knowledge and experience needed to help you find that place that feels like home. Let me hook you up with my people in Atlanta, so they can get you located just where you need to be.
When moving there's more to consider other than the home. You have to consider drive time to work, which means you need an agent who understands traffic patterns, main roads and back road short cuts. It may be important to be near a particular social or economic group if you are an entrepreneur that depends on a particular group to survive financially. The amount of land you get differs from area to area. Maybe you want a lot of land, maybe you don't want to cut a lot of grass; it grows without you watering it so, be sure you want land.
You get the point, that's why you want one of my friends to take care of you. Call me, let's talk.

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