Inactive - No Broker Affiliation
Licensed Salespersons

Don't let your license expire;
but also, don't let it cost you money every
four years with no return for your investment.

You know you're not going to let it go, you worked too hard to pass the exam.
Place your license under our Brokerage and when those people ask you, and they always do,
"Hey, do you still do Real Estate," you can say yes, I work with a Brokerage


Step 1- Put your license under my Brokerage, sign the Salesperson agreement, fill out the W2.

Step 2- We'll register the change with the BRE so you will no longer be a NBA and can do real estate again.

Step 3- This is a no action step, but we give it because if you were joining another Brokerage, you would likely be joining the normal organizations all Salesperson join, however because we are not a member, you do not have to be a member.

No joining CAR or NAR, No joining a Board. Because the Broker is not a member of CAR, NAR or a Board of Realtors, I am only a member of an MLS and since I'm going to list (if its a listing) your clients property under my MLS account, you do not have to join the MLS.

Step 4- There is an initial $75 fee to park your license with us but, as long as you do one transaction that first year, the next year is free and you will get a seventy-five dollar ($75.00) bonus on top of your commission split for that first deal made during your first year. In effect, making your start up fee $00.00.

Step 5- It's the same as when you were active in the business, the difference being, instead of doing the deal yourself, someone in the office will do it for you. Since it's your friend, family or co-worker you referred, we assume you will keep in touch with them throughout the process. It's your choice, if you want to be active "Socially" on the deal you can, but if you just want to refer them and move on, you can do that too. You won't do any paper work, any showings, any appointments accept number five below.

Step 6- We do ask that you meet and introduce the referred client and the Salesperson that will be on the deal to each other at their initial meeting if possible. It's always a bit awkward when people meet for the first time so your presence will make this first meeting smooth and exciting. You know what they say, the first impression is everything. After that introductory meeting, your duties on the transaction are done. We assume you live in the area, if not, disregard step five.

Step 7- We close the deal and you get 25% of the office's paid commission minus $60 deducted for E&O Insurance. If the property is really expensive, we may reward you will a higher split. That will be determined on a case to case basis.

The definition of a closed deal is: Closing escrow and our Brokerage receiving commission on the sale or purchase of a 1-4 unit residential property or vacant land. A vacant land sale price must be at least two-hundred-fifty-thousand dollars ($250,000.00) to qualify. Property Management is not included in this section or considered a closing.


For out of state, or out of area referrals, you get 50% of the referral fee our Brokerage is paid. We generally charge a 30% referral fee which means you get 15%. The lowest we charge for out of area referrals is 25% which mean you get 12.50%. Easy money for passing on a name. You don't even have to find the Broker in the other state, I'll handle that, all you do is bring the client.

It doesn't get any easier than that, and you no longer have to feel like you are keeping your license just because you studied so hard for the test.


We also do property management so there's two things we attempt to do. We either get the property owner under a property management contract rent, or we have a finders agreement with the property owner. Either way our fee is half of the first months rent. If you bring a renter for the property, you get 50% of whatever fee we are paid. (Fees are negotiable)

If you find the house and get the house under property management contract for one year, we only do one year contracts; or you secure the a finders fee agreement with property owner, in both cases you get 75% of whatever fee we get out of the first months rent or as a finders fee. You do not get a split of any fees after the first month of the rental contract. What if you find the property to rent and you find the renter, do you get double. The answer is no, since there is only one fee being paid by the property owner, there is only one fee to split with you, so in this scenario you would only get a one time split of 75% of whatever we receive in the transaction as our finders fee or out of the first month's rent.

I know, wow, why didn't you do this years ago right? Keep in mind, if you go to your friend who is a Broker, he likely is in CAR, NAR and on a Board which means you have to put out over five hundred dollars just to get started, so you want to stick with us.

Bookmark our website and put our number in your phone. You may not want to sign up now, but when that family member ask you if you can sale their house, you're think of us; we'll be here waiting.

Oh, one last thing. You might feel like your client needs to work with a specific person. Don't worry about it, we are in the process of bringing on several licensed sales persons of various backgrounds, so I'm sure we will have someone that you feel fits well with your client.

Of course I have to make the following standard Disclaimer: The percentages and terms listed on this page are not fixed and are subject to change. Nothing on this page should be considered or qualify as an offer for employment. Licensed sale persons are considered independent contractors by the government departments that have jurisdiction over employment laws and regulations.


Derrick Autry
Varsity Overdrive Realty


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