So you're leaving California headed for the wild and open East Texas country. Well, it's a different animal, you're going to need some help. Call me, I'm that man.

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So you're leaving California headed for the East Texas country. You're looking to purchase a Home or Land but you're a little worried about what you don't know about Texas life. You're right to worry because what you don't know, you really don't know.

I'm going to make this very simple, call me, pick my brain for free, there's a lot in it, my brain that is; you're going to need all of it to understand this new environment you're thinking about moving to. No it's not like Avatar, everything in East Texas isn't ready to eat you, but it is different enough that a little heads up is definitely a good thing.

Free Services:

Since I am not representing you as an agent, my services to you are completely free.
How am I compensated? The agent I refer you to in Texas will pay me a percentage of their commision as a referral fee.

My areas of East Texas are:


* Means I personally move around more in these areas

If you are going to stay in California and need an agent, or have need of a property manager,
even when I'm in Texas, the business is always in state.



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This service is only available for California residence where I am licensed to solicit for real estate business.
The extent of my service in Texas is information about East Texas, how it works, the differences between counties and cities, who you need to contact for services, and a deep explanations about the difference between California and Texas, and trust me, there are a lot of differences.
I am not a licensed agent in the state of Texas, I cannot represent you as an agent or provide real esate related services in the State of Texas.
I cannot solicite for your business if you live outside of the state of California. The fact that my website reaches every states is just a matter of the way the internet works, but this site is designed to find people in California who are thinking about moving to East Texas.